Jane Saunders


Jane Vollmar Saunders grew up in America's Mid-West absorbing the local arts and culture from an early age. She decided to become an artist at the age of four when she saw Rodney Winfield painting a mural directly on a wall. This inspiration led Jane into a life-long passion of creating art.

Initially working in oil painting she expanded her art to making three-dimensional portraits sculpting in stone and most recently portraits in clay. Her talent to capture in clay portrait sculptures the charm and realism of both adults and children alike has won her International acclaim.

Jane's numerous commissions include a request to create a monument that combined her sculptures of four life-sized figures on a 40,000 pound black granite base of her design.

Jane has also received commissions for her work from The Museum of Transportation, St. Joseph Institute of the Deaf, The Moog School of the Deaf, Olin Credit Union, Centene Corporation, and Dominics Restaurants.

A native of St. Louis, Jane earned a Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting and Drawing from Washington University School of Fine Art where she studied anatomy with Barry Schoectmann.

She has also studied with excellent artists and teachers including Robert Walker in St. Louis, Robert Lockhart in Tennessee, Vincent Palumbo at the National Cathedral in Washington D C, and at the the Rossi Studio in Pietra Santa, Italy.

After college, she was employed by Loires Interiors, established in 1848, and subsequently bought the business from the owner. She designed many large estates, nationwide, and created products for the home furnishing industry. Her surface designs were sold to Hasi Hester of Los Angeles and F. Schumacher Co. of New York.

Jane's art has been exhibited at galleries throughout the United States and has appeared in journals and magazines throughout the world.

Jane currently lives and works near St. Louis Missouri.


  • clay modelling
  • sculpture
  • oil painting
  • design.